Le vent qui hurle, photo by David Piazza

Le vent qui hurle

When the wind passes through objects, it causes them to vibrate and resonate, producing sounds. At high speeds, these sounds seem to imitate howls. This is the howling wind, Le vent qui hurle. I wanted to evoke this unpredictable, spatial, immersive natural sonic phenomenon. The idea, as in my other works, is to question and underline the tension between human beings’ desire for control and the unpredictability of nature.

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Architecture éphémère

Architecture éphémère is a multichannel fixed-media piece that explores the sonic depth of field, sound image width, and the spatial relationships between sound and listeners. It alternates between proximity and distance, intimacy and immensity relationships. I aim to create a sonic environment where sound trajectories and positions vary between distinctly perceivable and elusively diffuse. Through this work, I aspired to create an immersive musical experience, enabling listeners to be entirely inside and lost in sound.

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Expansion (2021, 15 min) is a piece for amplified ice blocks and sound spatialization, commissioned and performed by Architek Percussion. The work is an immersive performance combining sound and sculpture, where ice blocks are used as sound instruments. The goal is to highlight the physicality of sound, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in this sonic material.

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Rebonds is a playful piece that explores the boundaries between rhythm, pitch, texture, and space. The work is inspired by the rhythmic figure of the rebound, a recurrent figure in electroacoustic music, characterized by the repetition of an element at a progressively increasing speed. The goal is to create sound choreographies, exploring sound spatialization possibilities.

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Image courtesy of Elisabetta Porcinai.

Eyes Draw Circles Of Light

The work explores specific aspects of the unconscious that characterize the brief moment when we are about to fall asleep and we are not sure if what we are perceiving is a dream or the reality.

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For Hannah

For Hannah is a multichannel acousmatic music piece inspired by the royal cobra (Ophiophage Hannah). I wrote this composition because the first time I heard the hiss of this animal, I was surprised by how it sounded like a musical phrase

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Nicola Giannini - Inner Out - Surround Concert for Ice and Live Electronics

Inner Out

Inner Out is a Surround Concert for Ice and Live Electronics. The piece is based on the concept of macro photography, and therefore focused on the micro-sounds caused by melting ice. The sound textures and the percussive elements are generated from ice blocks used as musical instruments.

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Voci Registrate

The main idea behind this piece is to represent and tell musically the interactions that take place between people and interactive systems, such as telephone answering machines.

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Wilder Kabinett - Naturalis Historia

Wilder Kabinett

Wilder Kabinett is a Music Composition for “Naturalis Historia”, a 3D Video Mapping Installation by Apparati Effimeri.

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