Eyes Draw Circles Of Light

Year of composition: 2018/2019
Length: 10’45”

The work explores specific aspects of the unconscious that characterize the brief moment when we are about to fall asleep and we are not sure if what we are perceiving is a dream or the reality. Through sound spatialization, a multidimensional unconscious representation was created to evoke the relationship between psyche and body. The fast and involuntary body movements that may occur at that time have been underlined. The work is a collaboration with the artists Elisabetta Porcinai and Alice Nardi, who wrote a poem for it. The text was interpreted by Porcinai and then elaborated by the composer.

The piece obtained the first prize at the Jeux de Temps / Times Play (JTTP) 2019 competition organized by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, and an Honorable Mention at the XII° Fundación Destellos (Argentina) Electroacoustic Competition 2019.
This is the binaural version, to listen with headphones.

The work was composed at the Université de Montréal.

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