Year of composition: 2021

Length: 12,45

Installation version: For the Sound Window of the Sporobole art center, in Sherbrooke, Canada.

Concert version: acousmatic, for a dome of speakers.

Rebonds is a playful piece that explores the boundaries between rhythm, pitch, texture, and space. The work is inspired by the rhythmic figure of the rebound, a recurrent figure in electroacoustic music, characterized by the repetition of an element at a progressively increasing speed. The goal is to create sound choreographies, exploring sound spatialization possibilities. The close repetitions, typical of the rebound technique, allow passing from rhythmic textures to sounds with an identifiable pitch. But what happens when these repetitions are played through different speakers? The rebound technique can be considered interesting for creating spatial music, also because iterative sounds can be easily localized in space, as indicated by Gary Kendall.

The work was initially composed for the Sound Window of the Sporobole art center in Sherbrooke, Canada. The work was later adapted for a speaker dome.

Rebonds obtained  the Public Prize, the Micheline-Coulombe-Saint-Marcoux Prize, at AKOUSMAtique, the multi-channel immersive music composition competition organised by Akousma, Canada.

The piece was selected as a finalist in the Métamorphoses competition organized by Influx – Musiques & Recherches.

The piece is included in the Métamorphoses 2022 compilation by Influx – Musiques & Recherches.

The piece is part of Déjà-Vu, the sound immersion platform of the Sporobole Art Center.

Rebond was composed during a residency at the Sporobole Art Center and in the studios of the Faculty of Music at the University of Montreal.


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