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Public Prize, the Micheline-Coulombe-Saint-Marcoux Prize, at AKOUSMAtique

I am very happy that my piece Rebonds won the Public Award, the Micheline-Coulombe-Saint-Marcoux Prize, at AKOUSMAtique, the Montreal Immersive Multi-chanell Music Composition Competition!
Congratulations to John Young and Panayiotis Kokoras for their incredible pieces and to John Young for winning the jury prize, the Francis-Dhomont Prize!
Many thanks to the organization of the competition and the Akousma Festival.
Thanks also to all the people who participated in the concert!
Thanks again to Sporobole and to the Faculty of Music of the Université de Montréal for the artist residency that allowed me to compose this piece.
For more information on the competition:

Métamorphoses competition

I am really happy that my piece Rebonds has been selected as a finalist of the Métamorphoses competition organized by Influx – Musiques & Recherches! Congratulations to everyone!
Thanks to Sporobole and the Faculty of Music of the Université de Montréal for the artist residency that allowed me to compose this piece!
Rebonds was originally composed for Sporobole’s Vitrine Sonore and was later adapted for a dome of speakers.
Thanks to Musiques & Recherches!

First prize at the JTTP competition organized by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community

I am incredibly happy to have won first prize at the JTTP composition competition of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, with my piece “Eyes Draw Circles of Light“. It’s really an honor for me!
I wish to thank Robert Normandeau. I want to thank also Elisabetta Porcinai and Alice Nardi. A big thanks also to Emanuele Porcinai. Thanks to the Elektronmusikstudion EMS Stockholmin Stockholm, that is where I recorded the synthesizers parts of the piece.
Et je suis vraiment content d’être accompagné des autres excellents compositeurs, dont la plupart sont à la Faculté de musique – Université de Montréal, où j’ai eu la chance et le plaisir de composer cette pièce. Un gran merci à toute la faculté!
A big thanks to the Canadian Electroacoustic Community team!

Cube Fest 2019

I really want to thank all the Cube Fest team! These days at the Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech in Blacksburg were awesome. It was really exciting to present my piece “Eyes Draw Circles of Light” on the 140 speakers array inside the Cube. Thanks to Eric Lyon, Tanner Upthegrove, Donnie Bales and to all the people that made it possible. 

Cube Fest

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I’m so happy that two of my works are featured on the Radiophrenia program.
You can listen to my piece “Eyes Draw Circle of Light” on May 24th, inside the Short S19 section. My work “For Hannah” will be broadcasted on May 26th, inside the Buffer section.
Many thanks to Mark and Barry!

Sounds Like This Festival

Sounds Like This Festival

Sounds Like This Festival

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be part of the ‘Sounds Like This Festival’ hosted by the Leeds College of Music and organized by Leeds College of Music Events, in the UK. My concert will be on March 17th 2018, during the Electric Saturday, and I’ll be performing with other great artists. I will play Inner Out, for Ice and Live Electronics.
Full details here:

Interview on Repubblica – Tempo Reale Progetto Primavera 2016 Klang Musica Sperimentale #4

Tempo Reale Progetto Primavera 2016 Klang Musica Sperimentale #4

Video interview and video report by Andea Lattanzi, Repubblica (Italian only). In this video I talk about the Inner Out concert, and Francesco Giomi, Tempo Reale director, speaks about  the Klang Concert and Tempo Reale.

Thanks to Tempo Reale, Francesco Giomi, and all the musicians that have played with me at Klang #4.