Nicola Giannini is a Sound Artist and an Electroacoustic Music Composer. He is interested in sounds that evoke physical materials and living organisms. His practice focuses on acousmatic multi-channel composition and live performance.

In July 2017 he has been a guest composer at the EMS in Stockholm. He played at the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, at the SoundsLikeThis in Leeds, at the TEDxLondon, at the Serge Postgraduate Conference in Aberdeen, at the Palazzo Strozzi Museum in Florence, and at Sound Spaces Festival in Malmö.

His acousmatic music was played at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, at the Sound-Image Colloquium at the University of Greenwich, at Electroacoustic Music International Exhibition in Mexico, and at Sound Thought Festival in Glasgow. His acousmatic piece “For Hannah” was chosen as finalist at the International composition competition Città di Udine 2018 and it was performed at the festival “Contemporanea”.

He will take part at the FINGERPRINTS AWAKENINGS concert organized by AUDIOR at la Fabbrica del Vapore Italy on January 25th.

Nicola has a master degree in Electroacoustic Composition with the honourable mention from the Conservatory of Florence.  From September 2018 Nicola is a PhD candidate at the Université de Montréal, under the supervision of the Professor and Composer Robert Normandeau. Nicola also joined the Groupe de Recherche en Immersion Spatiale (GRIS) as research assistant.

  • Artistic Residencies
    Guest Composer at Elektronmusikstudion EMS in Stockholm – 2017 July 24th to August 3rd. Thanks to the contribution of the Italian Culture Institute in Stockholm.
  • Tempo Reale, research and production music center, Florence, Italy  2016 May to September.

Other projects

  • 2016 May – – Call for DIY sound sources: My piece Inner Out (Intimacy) has been selected for the call for works “self-built Sound sources” by a blog created and managed by Tempo Reale.
  • Cathedrals – Pietro Riparbelli – 2016 May: My recordings of the Santa Maria del Fiore church in Florence (Duomo) have been featured in the Cathedrals Project by the philosopher, composer, and sound-multimedia artist Pietro Riparbelli.